Design & Build Philosophy

Our approach to providing you with a new building is to:

* Determine your needs
* Work to your budget
* Design a building which is sympathetic to the local environment
* If required we can submit for Planning and Building Regulation Approvals
* Take on the role as Principal Contractor, to manage the works during the Construction Phase
* Handover to the Client complete and fully fitted for immediate occupation.

We focus on

Airtight and weatherproof

We have been working intensively on the tightness of Honka log houses for a long time. Tightness is very important not only for the living comfort of your house, but also in terms of durability, energy consumption and fire safety of your house.

Excellent tightness means:

• Minimised heat loss and smaller energy bill
• Balanced thermal comfort all year round
• Improved living comfort via preventing draft
• Protecting your house against moisture and damage caused by mould or other fungi
• Controlled ventilation and improved indoor air quality
• Improved sound insulation
• Improved fire safety

Comfort and energy efficiency

Our precision-machined timber with built-in seals yields very tight fitting joints, and hence airtight walls. All Honka houses are insulated with double seals at the factory. This keeps them well insulated, decreases the possibility of on-site sealing errors and helps speed up construction. We are proud to say that we deliver some of the most airtight and moisture tight houses on the market.
When the building shell is made perfectly airtight, there are no uncontrollable air leaks or heat loss. Living comfort is also greatly improved by the absence of draft. This usually means that the inside temperature can actually be lowered by a degree or two, All this results in a smaller energy bill.

Weatherproof and durable

Breathing wall structures are moisture-safe, which is an important factor in durability. Wood-based single-material wall structures are breathing and can dry from both sides – there are no cold bridges or surfaces where moisture can collect.

Tightness also protects your house from water damage. The quality of the wood and the drying and preparation processes it goes through are very important: every beam and log has to be shaped and adjusted to ensure perfect water-resistance.

The most exposed parts of a building are protected from extreme weather conditions by the eaves. Regular protection treatment of the exteriors of the building will protect the wood from the effects of weathering, excessive exposure to UV rays, etc.

There are many log buildings in Europe that are 200 to 300 years old: churches, mansions and private houses. The oldest wooden houses in Finland date back to the 16th Century. This is irrefutable proof of their durability. Building a solid wood home is a long term investment: it will be there for your children and for further generations down the line.